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Minuit Une designs and manufactures a new generation of lightings for concerts, events, broadcasts and clubbing.

It is as if you were a painter and you were given a new colour. This new light provides you with more variety and creativity for your lighting designs, gives you the opportunity to create new atmospheres, add depth to your light expression. In short… something really different. 

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Latest news

    Minuit Une’s demo in London

    18 | 05 | 2017

    Minuit Une organized this demo in London on the 9th and 10th of May to meet light designers, rental companies and media in the UK. The British market is one of the most dynamic in Europe and we are frequently receiving requests from there. That is why we decided to cross the Channel. For this… Read more »

    Corporate event : Leade.rs Paris Conference

    24 | 04 | 2017

    During two days, Leade.rs, the new project of Loic Le Meur, invited a large panel of international disruptive startups leaders in Paris. On stage, an impressive line of 9 M-Carré. Alternatively quiet and aesthetics during the talks and wild between two speeches ! Production : Konémara – Light Design : Steph Viallon.

    Philipp Poisel tour around Germany : 20 products on stage !

    24 | 04 | 2017

    New record for Minuit Une in Mercedes-Benz Arena Berlin with 13,000 people for Philipp Poisel show light designed by Robert Kröber and Johannes Zink ! With this tour through all German Arenas, using a line of 10 M-Carré in the back of stage A and a circle of 10 M-Pyramide above stage B plus B-Eye,… Read more »

A brand new concept of professional lighting

After lamps and LED headlamps, Minuit Une invents a third kind of stage lighting : the IVL™ lighting.

IVL™ lighting (for Immersive & Versatile Laser lighting) is designed and made in France by Minuit Une. It’s a  new generation of 360° lighting which integrates the exclusive and patented technology developed by Minuit Une. This technology, based on a very specific laser, is, at the same time, immersive and versatile. It transforms a laser source into a new kind of light : multimodal, safe and 100% DMX controlled. So easy to use that you won’t even believe it is a laser.

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Laser safety

While classical laser lighting could potentially burn the eyes of a spectator (that’s why they are usually used above the audience), the IVL™ lighting is significantly softened by an exclusive and patented device. While standard lasers have a minimal safety distance of several hundred meters, it’s only 3 meters for IVL™ lighting. So it allows for a free scanning of the audience with beams.

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