Pyramides, advanced
shapes to go further!

IVL Pyramide at a glance:

  • → Advanced lighting shapes, highlighted decorative effect and immersive feeling for
    memorable designs.
  • → Unlimited versatility to renew your style for any kind of applications.
  • → Intuitive and simple DMX control.
Where to find?

IVL Pyramides are game-changing lighting products allowing you to rapidly and easily create advanced lighting sculptures.

IVL Pyramide is a combination of lighting, perspective and decoration.

Each IVL Pyramide is covering a wide area by producing 4 directive light plans, one by each side of the pyramid. Each plan is adjustable at a 180° angle to reveal the geometrical design of the IVL Pyramide. The light plans of each IVL Pyramide can be cut into 1, 2, 4, 8, 16, 32 or 64 beams: welcome to a new world of decorative lighting.

In a time where crowds ask more and more for experiences, IVL Pyramides advanced shapes help create immersive and decorative set elements thanks to its smart conception. With different operation modes, IVL Pyramides perfectly fit any kind of application and are an infinite playground for your creativity. With IVL Pyramides, multiply your creative output with a simple DMX control.

2 shape options: IVL Carré and IVL Pyramide

IVL Carré and IVL Pyramide share the same base, only the cover shape changes. One cover is a square shape (for IVL Carré) and the other is a pyramid shape (for IVL Pyramide). According to the chosen cover, the light will spread differently in the space and will create different kinds of advanced shapes.

The two covers are interchangeable and can be purchased solo, meaning you can get one IVL Carré and later on, a Pyramid cover, so a trained service operator can switch from an IVL Carré to an IVL Pyramide or vice-versa. Some technical specifications differ between IVL Carrés and IVL Pyramides such as the weight and the lighting emission results.

These covers are made from a unique PMMA material, specifically chosen to increase the decoration output of any design.

  • IVL Carrés: the square-shaped cover reinforces the 3D rendering perspectives of IVL Lighting.
  • IVL Pyramides: the pyramid-shaped cover reinforces the decoration output of IVL Lighting.

IVL Pyramides and IVL Carrés are part of IVL lighting, a new category of lighting created and patented by Minuit Une.

More about this ground-breaking technology.

IVL Pyramides and IVL Carrés are part of IVL lighting, a new category of lighting created and patented by Minuit Une.

More about this ground-breaking technology.

IVL Demo

IVL Pyramides Full Description


Deep perspectives

  • 4 independent tilts producing 4 light
  • plans (16-bit control)
  • Motorized by 50 000-step motors
  • Smooth movement at very low speed or cut change positions
  • Infinite tilt movements and position combinations
  • Easily adaptable position presets

Endless possibilities

  • 2 modes: a directive light or a wash light, for each tilt
  • 2 shapes of cover to choose from (square or pyramid)
  • 1, 2, 4, 8, 16, 32 or 64 beam mode from one single source
  • Infinite color combinations in mode 2
  • Attachable in any position

Immersive experiences

  • Calibrated output for immersion
  • Directive light plans
  • Smooth RGB textures
  • Wide covering area
  • 3D rendering lighting shapes


A simple and hands on solution

  • Light-weight (16kg), robust conception, ready to travel
  • 125W consumption
  • 25 channels in mode 1
  • Regular tilts and gobo-like channels
  • Intuitive programming on any DMX console
  • Compliant with every standard
  • Cost efficient solution

Versatile indoor applications

  • Concert, touring, TV show, corporate event, fashion show, conference, video clip
  • For all styles: rock, pop, jazz, electro, hip-hop, classical…

A patented technology 

  • The first laser illuminated lamp
  • Compliant with every standard
  • No laser expertise required
  • A safety distance of only a few meters
  • Know more about safety & compliance
  • Request a training session to get the most of IVL 

IVL Pyramide Versatile Applications

Concert, touring, TV shows, corporate event, fashion event, conference, video clip… IVL Pyramides are fit for any application as well as any kind of musical background. It all depends on your needs and creative vision.