M-Carré by Minuit Une

M-Carré is a fantastic lighting fixture to enhance your lighting creativity and feel the light, from the stage to the lighting desk, through the audience: all over the space.

Lighting isn’t just illumination. It is the design. IVL™ Lighting is a key technology to go further in the building of enhanced design . The light is to be felt : so let’s paint the space !

Thanks to the half-space aperture and 360° conception of the IVL™ Lighting technology, the light is moving from a cone to the space , from a point source to a geometric source: a square.

This new approach of a lighting fixture gives you a infinity of possibilities to design a new generation of lighting experience:

  • Fullfil all the available space, make it yours

  • Go further in building perspectives

  • Create lighting decorations so easily

  • Play with IVL™ by groups to create exponential interacting

  • Submerge your stage and audience into unlimited immersive and directive pictures

  • Use the frost side from diffused light pictures

  • And use IVL™ as a highly innovative way to create geometric wash painting !

Really innovative, but standard ! You will enjoy a smart dmx sheet and an intuitive gobos system : see below for the the tutoriel video .

Minuit Une has 2 principles: passion and reliability. Our goal ? The satisfaction of everybody. Our Minuit Une experts will be your partner for technics and programming. We are here to support you and give you the best conditions to use our fixtures:

  • Advice in integration of the M-Carré into your designs
  • Preparation of desk with all the useful preset
  • Assistance on site
  • And a reactive after sales service

Each design is a new thrill


Artist Tours


TV shows / Music Videos

A robust conception

M-Carré is a product exclusively developed and designed by Minuit Une. Made in France by a team of skilled engineers , you will enjoy the strong conception of this product : less mechanics means less troubles means more fun.

The M-Carré and M-Pyramide are designed as a common base with interchangeable shapes that can be changed easily and quickly. If you purchase the Carré by Minuit Une with the Pyramid as an accessory, you’ll be be able to use two different products for the price of one.

Versatility in creation – Versatility in application


Johannes Zink (Germany)

« We really loved the Minuit Une fixtures on our big tour [Philipp Poisel]. Simple as that: Unique, tremendously versatile and some true eye-candy. The fixtures really filled the space, even in Arena-sized venues they provided the “Wow”-effect. For me, being no laser-fan at all, the Pyramid and Carré changed the game drastically and I’m looking forward to the future innovations of Minuit Une. »

Steph Viallon (France)

« An object with a classy and refined design. An original and broad rendered projector. The most modern product of the last few years. »

Erwin Van Lokeren

« Finally a new visual revelation in the light industrie! amazing product, unlimited options, reliable  and great support from Minuit Une! « 

4 tilts infinis, une face miroir, une face diffuse et 50 000 pas

Un plan de lumière à 360° est créé par le produit et celui-ci est intercepté par 4 tilts avec une rotation infinie comprenant une face miroir et une face diffuse et 50 000 pas pour des mouvements très doux ou au contraire très rapides.

Système de gobos DMX : de 1 à 64 faisceaux

  • Produit The Pyramid

    Forme Pyramide

    Prenez la forme Pyramide afin d’utiliser votre M-Carré comme deux produits différents.

    Forme Pyramide
  • PMMA ou Polycarbonate

    Vous pouvez choisir vos formes dans deux matières : polycarbonate ou PMMA. Le PMMA offre un impact visuel optimal. Le polycarbonate offre un effet visuel correct mais a une meilleure classification au feu.


  • OMEGA 1/4 turn Camloc

  • PowerCON TRUE 1 Neutrik


  • Flight Case

  • Housse

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