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Are IVL lighting fixtures as safe
as other lighting fixtures?

Any lighting fixtures can be dangerous if wrongly used, especially in lighting design since stage luminaires are very powerful and get brighter and brighter by the years.

IVL Lighting is a new category of lighting compliant with the IEC60825 norm. This standard describes how to determine the safety distance of a laser-based technology for a safe immersion of the audience.

The IEC60825 norm that applies to IVL lighting devices recommends standard safety precautions like any other devices :

  • Not to look directly to the product etc for lighting and technical crews, artists within 2m
  • A safety distance of a few meters for the audience (the exact safety distance depends on the position of the fixtures)
  • Barriers to prevent stage access during the show
  • Unlike “laser effect”, no need for highly trained ‘laser light show’ safety experts and no need of pre-show safety testing for audience effects at every venue.

As soon as the IEC60825’s regulatory recommendations are respected, IVL lighting is as safe as any other lighting devices.

Our IVL experts are here to help you with any safety questions and deal with local venues on that matter. Please contact!

Why is IVL lighting by Minuit
Une not a “laser-effect”?

Everyone has the experience of waving their finger through a candle flame. Even though the flame is hot, the motion of finger reduces the temperature on the skin. The same is true for IVL’s scanning technology. The IVL technology always ensures a constant scanning rate with a special redundant safety system. In this way, the IVL technology transforms the laser light source into a new category of lighting with unique shapes, unique textures, unique immersion, and a standard safety.

Indeed, the safe eye exposure distance is always a constant. As for any other lighting fixtures, the only safety precaution is to respect that safe eye exposure distance distance of a few meters.

This is unlike existing audience scanning (AS) effects whose safety depends upon 5 or 6 adjustable parameters, which must be calculated and tested by AS experts after each effect is programmed or changed.

That’s why, with IVL lighting, no need for highly trained ‘laser light show’ safety experts and no need of pre-show safety testing for audience effects at every venue.

Is it simple to use IVL lighting
by Minuit Une ?

IVL lighting is that simple:

  1. Let your creativity explore new possibilities: advanced shapes, unique immersion, unlimited versatility.
  2. Program the show from a DMX console. Intuitive and easy, no need to learn custom programming software
  3. Hang the fixtures. The fixtures are a concentrate of technology: small-sized, light-weight. No heavy infrastructures required, no heavy logistics to anticipate.
  4. Check the standard safety precautions, stay back a few meters
  5. Enjoy
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