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Lithuania, Kaunas, Gabrielė Vilkickytė’s concert

✨Capturing the magic of Gabrielė Vilkickytė’s concert at the SDG Amphitheater in Kaunas, Lithuania, was a symphony of light and emotion, curated by the brilliance of AB Light Studio. Using just one IVL Photon unit, they transformed the entire venue into a poetic landscape, showcasing the fixture’s wide coverage capability.
This single fixture created an immersive experience, bringing the intimacy of a piano and vocal performance to the scale of an arena concert. AB Light Studio’s ingenuity utilized the IVL Photon’s unique mirror output to extend their creative vision, touching every corner of the space with the event’s energy.

💡: @ablight.studio
📍 : SDG Amphitheater – Kaunas, Lithuania.