dice: Endless excitements in a compact housing.

A compact housing,

an extensive space coverage

38cm (15 inch), 10kg (22 lbs), 200W, 49 DMX channels

4 tilts, 90° aperture per tilt

 8 dimmers, 8 RGB, 9 gobos

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IVL Dice: a new scale for volumetric lighting

38 cm (15 inch) , 10 kg (22 lbs), 200 W, 49 DMX channels. Endless excitements in a compact housing.

A very wide space coverage with a very small footprint, opening limitless perspectives of captivating lighting installation in small and mid-sized venues.

Fill the space with an IVL Dice set up, surrounding the artist and audience, in a symphony of mesmerizing beams, enveloping shapes, smooth movements, and vivid colors.All constantly evolving. Whether above a stage or a dance floor, the IVL Dice is very easy to install at multiple points and in various configurations. An IVL Dice installation creates strong geometric shapes, structuring your space in ways similar to larger setups, but without the need for extensive volume, structure and quantity.

With no moving head and a light weight of 10 kilograms, the IVL Dice fits easily, adapting seamlessly to various venue configurations. With four independent light planes, created by four motorized mirrors arranged closely together, the IVL Dice provides exceptional space coverage from a small footprint, making the room or stage appear larger. With a 90-degree aperture per tilt, the IVL Dice units easily combine to further enhance the range of perspectives.

On the back side of the tilt, there’s a movable frosted output, capable of illuminating a small venue. When the tilt goes flat, it reveals static frosted edges, offering even more possibilities.

Its DMX control allows access to 9 beam patterns with an electronic gobbo system. 1 beam, 2 beams, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64, 128, and up to 256 beams. With control over beam sizes, indexing, and rotation for each pattern. With 2 dimmers per tilt, 2 RGB parameters per tilt. Complemented by a shutter. a set up of IVL Dice never ceases to amaze.

Wide range of vivid colors.  smooth waves of beams, transforming shapes. the sensation that a greater number of fixtures are in action.

The  IVL Dice sets a new scale for volumetric lighting.

IVL Dice Product Video

NEXT-GEN light shows for small and mid-sized venues

Achieve captivating light shows effortlessly, and elevate the unique intimate character of small and mid-sized venues to a whole new level of immersion! This is the IVL Range.

A Range comprising the IVL Dice and the IVL Photon: Two different and complementary fixtures, a small footprint and a universal decorative aesthetic, both designed to offer a new generation of sensational lighting installations!

For volumetric lighting in venues that cannot accommodate large setups, the IVL Range offers a highly competitive solution, providing more options, greater efficiency, and a stronger emotional impact than traditional moving head beam fixtures.



A modular conception

For any IVL Dice inventory, a service extension kit extends the warranty of the four main modules to 5 years. The service extension kit, which includes a spare for each module, enables any company to become its own service center. The module designed with a plug-and-play approach, becomes replaceable within minutes, even on site. This design simplifies and speeds up replacement, while also enhancing safety; critical parts are shielded from accidental contact, as shown right now with the main electronic board embedded in this DMX module: an innovative modular conception saving precious time and cost.

Demo and programming sessions

Contact us to book a demo: online or physical with your local provider.

Start programming now: book a remote session to already start the programming of your next event from your computer at home.

Technical Specifications

  • Measurements and weight
    All dimensions are given in millimetres.
    Dimensions of the housing: 384 x 384 x 238 mm³
    Total dimensions of the fixture (adjustable yoke included): 384 x 433 x 238 mm³
    Weight: 10,6kg
  • Housing / Construction
    Modular conception: conception subdivided into modules, which can be independently and quickly
    Protection rating: IP20
    Menu display: LCD colour screen
    Low cleaning care: optical parts isolated from haze.
  • Light Source
    Class 3R laser product: extended source
    Wavelength: 450nm,520nm,635m
    Colours: smooth RGB spectrum
    Nominal Beam diameter (1/e) at scanning vertex: 17±1mm
    Beam divergence: ≥ 1.8mrad
    Nominal Scan rate: 330Hz
    Distance from scanning vertex to closest point of human access (NPHA): 155mm
    Maximum output: 38 μJ

    CLASS 3R LASER PRODUCT 450nm, 635nm, 520nm 330Hz, <38μJ EN/IEC 60825-1 ed. 3 2014
  • Central scanning system
    Scanning motor: extensive lifetime brushless motor
    Scanning angle: 360°
    Mirror: R>98%
    Safeguard: certified failed-safe
  • Mirror output
    Mirror side of the tilt: 115 x 50 mm 2
    4 independent mirrors: producing independent 4 light planes
    Aperture by mirror: 84° linear aperture by tilt
    Operating angle: 105°
    Motorization: 4 stepper motors – 16 bits non-linear resolution
    Movement: very smooth at low speed and extremely reactive
    Maximum speed: from mirror to frost side in 0,25sec
  • Frost output
    Frost side of the tilt: 115 x 50 mm 2 frost filter
    4 independent frost filter: producing 4 independent frosted outputs
    Aperture by mirror: very wide
    Operating angle: 105°
    Motorization: 4 stepper motors – 16 bits non-linear resolution
    Movement: very smooth at low speed and extremely reactive
    Maximum speed: from mirror to frost side in 0,25sec
  • DMX
    Number of channels in mode 1: 33
    Number of channels in mode 2: 49
    2 options: standard or fast mode
    Update: by micro-SD card
    Electronical gobos: 9 e-gobos
    RGB control: 2 independent RGB control per tilt
    Dimmer control: 2 independent dimmer control per tilt
    Strobe: control over the frequency of the pulse and the duration of the pulse
    Zoom parameter: control of the moving core position
    Strobe: control over the frequency of the pulse and the duration of the pulse
  • Beam Control (e-gobos)
    Number of beams: 1 to 256
    Control: intuitive gobo like system
    Gobo type: number of beams
    Gobo size: width of the beam
    Gobo indexation: position of the beam
    Gobo rotation: speed and direction of the beam
  • Power supply
    Power supply unit: 100 to 240 Volts – 50/60Hz
    Power: 200 Watt maximum
  • Cooling system/Thermal
    Cooling: thermo electric cooling
    Safety: protection against excessive temperatures
    Nominal operating temperature of the laser source: +25°C
  • Operating parameters
    Maximum ambient temperature: 40°C (104°F)
    Minimum ambient temperature: 0°C (32°F)
  • Connections
    AC power input/output: Neutrik PowerCon True1
    DMX data in/out : 5-pin locking XLR
  • Standards
    CB IEC60825-1:2014
    21CFR 1040
    ANSI Z136.1 “Standard for Safe Use of Lasers”
    CB IEC62368

    FCC Part15sDoc
    AS/NZS CISPR32, 35