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IVL Technology


A new scale for volumetric lighting

IVL Lighting technology, designed, developed, patented, and manufactured by Minuit Une, is engineered specifically for small to mid-sized venues. This innovation addresses the limitations faced by these venues in creating impactful, creative, immersive, and emotional light shows comparable to those in larger venues. Traditional moving head beams often fall short in smaller settings due to their focused and directional nature: the experience is limited by the number of fixtures you’ve got.

The thrill of lighting in small & mid-sized venues 

IVL technology breaks away from conventional limitations by integrating a multi-directional lighting approach. Unlike standard moving heads that emit beams in fixed or limited patterns, IVL fixtures produce wide, homogeneous light fields that can envelop the entire space. This capability transforms the lighting experience, making it infinitely more dynamic and expansive without the need for numerous fixtures.

An effective solution 

Based on the IVL technology, the IVL Range fixtures achieve captivating light shows effortlessly and elevate the unique intimate character of small and mid-sized venues to a whole new level of immersion.

For volumetric lighting in venues that cannot accommodate large setups, the IVL range offers a highly competitive solution, providing more options, greater efficiency, and a stronger emotional impact than traditional moving head beam fixtures.


  1. Wide Coverage with Fewer Fixtures: IVL technology allows for expansive light coverage using fewer units compared to traditional stage lighting. This efficiency not only reduces the logistical complexity and cost associated with setup and transport but also minimizes carbon footprint.
  2. Immersive Lighting Experiences: The technology is designed to create immersive environments with light. It extends beyond traditional spotlights and wash lights by providing a more enveloping and engaging experience, enhancing both the aesthetics and the audience’s engagement during events.
  3. Versatility in Application: IVL fixtures are versatile enough to be used across various settings, from concerts and live performances to corporate events and installations. Their ability to adapt to different environments makes them a valuable tool for creative lighting designers.
  4. Reduced Complexity in Installation: With IVL technology, the complexity of lighting setups is significantly reduced. The lights are designed to be easy to install and operate, which is particularly beneficial for venues with limited technical expertise or quick turnaround times between events.
  5. Energy Efficiency: IVL lights are designed to be more energy-efficient than many traditional lighting fixtures, contributing to lower operating costs and a reduced environmental impact.
  6. Enhanced Creative Possibilities: The technology offers lighting designers creative flexibility with multiple effects and control options. This allows for tailored lighting designs that can dynamically change and evolve during an event, supporting creative visions more effectively.


With the IVL technology embedded in each, the IVL dice and IVL photon share the same operating principle and a similar conception.

The IVl Dice and IVL Photon are based on a laser source, as safe and simple as LED. With a class 3R certification, no variance, no license needed according to the IEC60825-3 and the FDA.

IVL technology

At the heart of each IVL fixture is a 360° scanning system: the beam source is reflected by a mirror set at a 45° angle, which rotates continuously at 330Hz. This speed is monitored and controlled with three redundant safety measures, ensuring that the scanning system is fail-safe.

IVL scanning system

This light plan is then further divided into 8 individual light plans, thanks to the 8 tilt mirrors offering the immersive output. The light produced by this technology has a unique texture: it is directive yet smooth, shaping the space with a wide range of vivid colors.

IVL technology

Each tilt mirror offers 360° continuous rotation, allowing for the use of both sides of the tilt: one side is a mirror for immersive output, and the other is a frost filter for decorative output.

IVL technology

Perfect synchronization between the scanning system and the source allows the advanced onboard electronics to control when the source is active during the revolution of the scanning system. This enables precise control over various beam patterns, and for each tilt, colors and dimmers.

Modular Conception

The IVL technology’s modular design is specifically engineered to simplify maintenance and enhance usability. Both the IVL Dice and IVL Photon embody this modular concept, focusing on the parts most likely to require servicing. The modules are designed with a user-friendly plug-and-play approach, ensuring they can be replaced quickly and easily, even on-site. This design philosophy drastically simplifies the maintenance process, speeds up the replacement of parts, and enhances overall safety. The critical components are specially protected to prevent accidental damage; for instance, the main electronic board within the DMX module is well-shielded.

The innovative modular design of these fixtures not only saves significant time during maintenance but also reduces costs associated with servicing and downtime.By enabling faster, safer, and more efficient module replacements, Minuit Une ensures that your lighting systems continue to operate at peak performance with minimal interruption.

IVL technology

For both the IVL Dice and IVL Photon fixtures, Minuit Une provides a comprehensive service extension kit. This kit not only extends the warranty of the four main modules up to five years but also transforms any company into its own service center by providing immediate access to spare parts for each module.

This approach underscores Minuit Une’s commitment to providing durable, easy-to-service lighting solutions that meet the demands of dynamic event environments, ensuring reliability and customer satisfaction.

See the video for an illustration with the IVL Dice.