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Free online training sessions.

Unlock the full potential of IVL™ Lighting with Minuit Une’s extensive training programs. Designed for professionals at all levels of expertise, our courses provide you with the knowledge and skills necessary to optimize your use of IVL technology. From basic introductions to advanced programming and maintenance, our training sessions are structured to help you become proficient with our products, ensuring you can deliver top-tier lighting experiences.

Our team speaks English, French, Spanish, Arabic, Hebrew, Russian. If needed, a local provider will assist with the training to help with the translation.

Programming training:
DMX control remote sessions

What is a Minuit Une’s DMX remote session?

Our IVL Showroom is managed through an OnPC console which may include MA, Avolites, Hog, or Chamsys. You can remotely control this OnPC setup via a Google Chrome extension, allowing you to manage the showroom from anywhere in the world. A live camera feed lets you see the effects of your adjustments in real time, providing a comprehensive remote operational experience.

Repairs training
How to repairs & service on site.

Applications Training
Where to Position & How to Use Our Products:

Certified providers:
Get your certified provider status.