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M83 Fantasy Tour 2023

Sarah Landau, the fabulous lighting designer behind the unforgettable M83 tour, has once again proven her extraordinary ability to transform any stage into a dreamlike world of color and light. With only 4 units and her advanced perspective, she exploited the endless looks that IVL Photon offers, painting each song with a different shade of emotion, and creating unforgettable memories for everyone present.

Sarah’s work is a testament to how the IVL Photon is not just a lighting solution, but a tool for artists to express their vision and connect with their audience on a deeper level.

Production/lighting design and programming: @sarahelandau

Lighting Director: @erinjpeters

Lighting Techs: (US) @andrew_in_the_wild, (Europe/UK) Iain Keigtley

Credit : @tobytenenbaum @kyle.smithers @funkekilian @m83music

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