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USA, STS9 outdoor live show

Mishawaka Amphitheatre // Asheville STS9 live show.

An incredible @sts9 light show by : @lightiberius.eth with 10 IVL square in action.

“An incredible new class of lighting fixture that ‘WOW’s the crowd every time it spins up. It was love at first sight with the IVL Square. I put 10 IVL Squares on the stage with an army of 134 other fixtures, and the IVL Square could easily stand out and hold their own in the air. I found myself looking for more moments to implement these fixtures throughout the show and I cannot wait to use an IVL again, IVL Square or IVL Photon, in a production in the future. »

For information of about the IVL luminaire in the USA, please contact our US distributor @innercircledistribution

LD : @lightiberius.eth

CREDIT PHOTO : @y2jim & @sts9