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Swarovski Crystal Worlds

What an incredible look for this installation based on 1 IVL Pyramide by Minuit Une during the “Lichtfestival in den Swarovski Kristallwelten”.
“Der zentral platzierte Minuite Une im Kristalldom sorgte für eindrucksvolle Reflexionen. (Foto: © Optikalusion) ” Light design by Chris Moylan.
To get your hands on IVL Lighting in Austria, please contact our distributor partner Luxson through our website: https://minuitune.com/where-to-find/
To read the full report : https://eventelevator.de/storys/swarovski-kristallwelten-lichtfestival/?fbclid=IwAR00PAaztYvbZqDfbuFg5yRcFV9OoRlhuf4ok5xP3_AqMC_9nX4kmUQbaG0