IVL™ Lighting infinite versatility : 2 new (and very different) music videos !

Two new videos in one week with IVL™ lighting inside that show the great versatility of our products.






In the first one, the band « Girls in Hawaii » (which is obviously constituted by boys from Belgium), the light designer Flavien Molard use 3 M-Carré for lighting, decoration and geometrical mapping over the Bruxelles Central Station’s architecture. Look at the film directed by « Bruxelles ma Belle » !

In the other one for the band 10LEC6 (Ed Banger / Because Music) directed by S T L K R S, an expert of our fixtures, Steph Viallon (aka Le Gars Des Lights) used 6 M-Carré in a very different way with a full immersive approach and some brilliant gobo effects.