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ITW : 3 IVL Dice-Cosmo Tour, light designer Francesco Adinolfi, interview by Molpass:

With just 3 IVL Dice for the Cosmo Tour, The light designer Francesco Adinolfi  created endless looks that danced to the rhythm of the night, captivating the crowd. Read its interview by Molpass:


“I chose Minuit Une because it represents a real springboard for creativity. I have been following their products with interest for some time now and I have always been fascinated by them. When the right opportunity arose, I proposed this new reality to the artist and he was also enthusiastic about it. My choice initially fell on the IVL Photon, then I also proposed the IVL Dice, which proved to be the ideal choice for this type of project.

During the show, the IVL Dice were used both alone and in combination with other lights, two of them were positioned under the wings of the horse, the central element of the scenography, and one under the artist’s central desk.”

“The choice of IVL Dice was born from the desire to use a lighting fixture capable of surprising and engaging both the audience and the artist himself.
There were particular moments where the IVL Dice took center stage, because I was able to reproduce, thanks to the effects and possibilities offered by the product, step by step, the emotions told by the artist through music and words.
I managed to multiply the beams, wrapping the stage in a dense network of light that contained a precise emotion.
The experience with the IVL Dice was so exciting that I definitely want to use them again in future projects. Programming the IVL Dice was really easy and intuitive.

This product represents a real stimulus for the creativity of the light designer, it is a fantastic product for beauty, weight and efficiency. I can only express my utmost satisfaction with the reliability demonstrated by the IVL Dice during the tour.
Aesthetically, IVL Photon definitely wins, but the size, weight and shape make IVL Dice a winning fixture.”

– Francesco Adinolfi

full article here : https://www.molpass.it/ivl-dice-trasforma-il-tour-di-cosmo-in-unesperienza-immersiva/

🇮🇹- Italia, Cosmo “Sulle ali del cavallo bianco” Club Tour 2024, 3 IVL Dice

🎶: Artist: @cosmo_marcojb
💡: Light designed by Francesco Adinolfi
📦: IVL provided by @topservice.sa and distributed by @molpasssrl 🤝

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