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IVL Lighting by Minuit Une at Crazy Horse Paris

IVL™ Lighting by Minuit Une was chosen by Crazy Horse Paris for the “Bionic Showgirl” with guest star VIKTORIA MODESTA, from June 3rd to 16th.

“The “Bionic Showgirl” show brings to light an extraordinary artist with a resolutely futuristic femininity: Viktoria Modesta.

This exceptional guest star could only have a show of her dimension: daring, immersive and innovative.”

“As for the technology side of things, Crazy Horse Paris appealed to Minuit Une, a young French company that is revolutionizing lighting codes thanks to its new IVL technology”

Dernière semaine pour venir voir VIKTORIA MODESTA incarner la « Bionic Showgirl » en exclusivité sur la scène mythique du Crazy Horse, jusqu’au 16 juin…réservez vite ! reservation.lecrazy.com/fr/bionic-showgirlLast days to see Viktoria Modesta as the « Bionic Showgirl » exclusively on Crazy Horse Paris’ legendary stage, until June 16 only. Book now! reservation.lecrazy.com/uk/bionic-showgirl🎞 Nicolas Perge 🎼 Madeaux

Publiée par Crazy Horse Paris sur Lundi 10 juin 2019

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