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Mexico: New Distributor

Minuit Une is delighted to announce Representaciones de Audio as an exclusive distribution partner for Mexico.

Alejandro Celis, project manager at Representaciones de Audio:

“It is impressive how this fixture can quickly generate different looks, the radial dynamics of light creates astonishing eye-candy effects even in one single fixture,
difficult to compare with existing lighting fixtures and when it comes to budget several units can overcome traditional mover-based designs.

The IVL Photon is a true innovation in lighting technology, achieving effects like anything we know, and extended possibilities of design without having large structures or complex rigging setup. We see this product as a a “gamechanger”

Representaciones de Audio S.A. de C.V
Calle 10 No. 133 Granjas San Antonio Del. Iztapalapa Ciudad de Mexico 9070
Tel: 33004550 Ext. 267

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