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New distributor: AUDIOTECH, Greece.

Minuit Une and AUDIOTECH are excited to announce the start of their collaboration, with AUDIOTECH becoming the exclusive distributor for the Minuit Une brand in Greece

Dimitrios Pavlakis, AUDIOTECH CEO:
” We were very impressed the moment we looked at this fixture. Truly unique concept , impressive lighting device.
We were even more impressed when we realised the potentials and the amazing show/logistics ratio.
Τhis product is the right tool for upgrading any show and a perfect match for bespoke and special events. You can totally transform your lighting rig and provide excellent show experience to your crowd even with a small quantity of fixtures.
Amazing part is , you can do this by using small size van and a crew of 2 person.It is really hard to find anything close to that.
We hope that the Covid -19 period will end soon and when the show industry is on again, we trust this product will meet a huge success in our market.”
Minuit Une is very proud to announce this new partnership with AUDIOTECH for the distribution of its IVL products: we are sure that the solution offered by IVL will be the perfect answer to the growing need of efficiency and versatility of the greek market, when supported by such a good partner, sharing the same vision.
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