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Minuit Une is delighted to join forces with Sporri, our new official dealer for the Swiss territory. Together, we will illuminate Switzerland with our cutting-edge lighting fixtures, captivating audiences and transforming spaces. The future looks bright, and we eagerly anticipate the remarkable possibilities this partnership holds.

“We know that the IVL Photon is a unique Lightconcept and is the future for small to mid-sized venues.

Additionally, using an IVL Photon will ensure that the installation time on site drops because 1 – 3 IVL Photons can replace a significant number of moving lights.

The Extension Kit allows you to fix an IVL Photon on site in just minutes, regardless of which part needs to be replaced. It is easily done with the spare Parts Case.

The in-house effect is that you save storage space and time in preparing the job, which also reduces costs and your carbon footprint.”

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