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Why is IVL™ Lighting not a « laser-effect » ?

Everyone has the experience of waving their finger through a candle flame. Even though the flame is hot, the motion of finger reduces the temperature on the skin. The same is true for IVL™’s scanning technology. The IVL™ technology always ensures a constant scanning rate with a special redundant safety system. In this way, the IVL™ technology transforms the laser light source into a new category of lighting with unique shapes, unique textures, unique immersion, and a standard safety.

Indeed, the safe eye exposure distance is always a constant. As for any other lighting fixtures, the only safety precaution is to respect that safe eye exposure distance of a few meters.

This is unlike existing audience scanning (AS) effects whose safety depends upon 5 or 6 adjustable parameters, which must be calculated and tested by AS experts after each effect is programmed or changed.

That’s why, with IVL™ lighting, no need for highly trained ‘laser light show’ safety experts and no need of pre-show safety testing for audience effects at every venue.

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