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What is IVL™ Lighting?

IVL™ Lighting is a new category of lighting created and patented by Minuit Une. IVL™ Lighting is the first-ever lighting range, specially designed for experience. IVL™ Lighting by Minuit Une is based on a ground-breaking technology to go further in lighting design.

For the first time ever, create spectacular experiences without heavy logistics:
– Advanced shapes: stunning visual lighting shapes and decors, « like a 3-D architecture ».
– Unique immersive feeling: wide coverage area, calibrated output, enveloping lights covering all the available space « feel the light around you»
– Unlimited versatility: infinite effect combinations; constantly renewed style or atmospheres within a show, « never cease to surprise the audience »
– Without a custom programming software: Intuitive programming from your own DMX console

Without heavy infrastructures: IVL™ products are a concentrate of technology. Small-sized, light-weighted and robust, they can be hung anywhere in any direction.

Where is it available?

For rental, the IVL™ Lighting is available in France, Germany, Spain, the UK and Sweden.

For purchase, the IVL™ Lighting is available in France, Finland, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia,  Benelux, Japan, South Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, Australia and New Zealand.

With our global expansion, this list is constantly expanding and the IVL™ Lighting should be available to you soon. Please contact us for more information on your country.

What is the cost?

To know the purchase cost of the IVL™ Carré or the IVL™ Pyramide, please contact us or your nearest distributor.

How is it controllable?

With 2 modes (25 and 45 channels), the IVL™ Lighting is fully DMX controllable with any standard console. There’s no need to learn a new software thanks to its intuitive programming.

Just one click away you can find an online resource center with fixture profiles for MA, Chamsys, Hog, Avolites, default shows, video tutorials and more!

Are IVL™ Lighting fixtures as safe as other lighting?

Any lighting can be dangerous if wrongly used, especially with brighter and brighter fixtures.

IVL™ Lighting is compliant with the IEC60825. The IEC60825 describes how to determine the safety distance of a laser-based technology for a safe immersion of the audience.

To use IVL™, IEC60825 recommends standard safety precautions like any other devices:

  • Not to look directly to the product for technical crews and artists within 2m
  • A safety distance of a few meters for the audience (exact distance depends on the position of the fixture)
  • Barriers to prevent stage access during the show
  • Unlike “laser effect”, no need for highly trained laser safety experts and no need of pre-show safety testing for audience effects at every venue

As soon as the IEC60825 regulatory recommendations are respected, IVL™ lighting is as safe as any other lighting devices

How to multiply the output?

Each IVL™ Lighting device has a very large aperture on its own. But combine several IVL™ Lighting fixtures together to produce a truly multiplied and exponential output.

As one IVL™ Lighting unit is composed of four mirrors, playing with a bunch of 10 IVL™ Lightings is like having the control on a unique sizable fixture with 40 light plans and an output 10 times more impactful: a truly exponential and immersive experience.

How to use IVL™ Lighting in arena venues?

With the IVL™ Lighting, number creates power. In other words, the more units are used, the stronger the experience is. It is there to add versatility and new features to your designs.

Make sure to dedicate space and moments for the IVL™ Lighting fixtures to create special atmospheres and express new emotions during a show.

If you are preparing a design with IVL™ Lighting for arenas, please ask for Minuit Une’s dedicated Arena Service.

Advised minimum number of products:

  • 3 to 5 products: for low-budget productions that look for « one-product-fit-all » for small venues (under 1000 pers.)
  • 5 to 8 products: 1000 to 2000 pers. venues
  • 8 to 15 products: 2000 to 5000 pers. venues
  • Beyond 15 products: arena venues (ex: Mercedes-Benz Berlin Arena)

What is the coverage and output of IVL™ Carré and IVL™ Pyramide?

IVL™ Carrés and IVL™ Pyramides can create immersive advanced shapes within 50m, for a complete envelopment of the audience in the whole venue. After that, the light will spread gradually.

The more IVL™ fixtures are used, the deeper the immersive shapes will feel like.

The calibrated output has the advantage of not making people blink when they look at the light. On the contrary, they feel as if in a halo of light.

When to use IVL™ Lighting?

The IVL™ Lighting has been designed for experience.

First of all it has a perfectly calibrated output which allows for a smooth immersive feeling while being completely safe and comfortable to look at.

Then, the IVL™ Lighting is an innovative tool to bring advanced shapes, immersion and versatility to your designs.

Whether it is used for all the times when brightness is not the adequate tool to create a special atmosphere, render an emotion, woah the audience or for the venues where designed-for-brightness products offer too limited options: either too bright, not immersive enough, too directional, or too heavy.

Why is IVL™ Lighting a time and cost-effective solution?

These high-end products are both light and robust.

Beside the light weight of each fixture, fewer units than usual lighting are needed to create astonishing designs, which results in less substantial logistics since it requires no heavy structure.

All of that put together enables a gain of time and cost in terms of travel, storage, set up and dismantling.

On top of that, this time and cost-effective solution is low maintenance. Its electronical mechanism is as reliable as it is simple and the fixtures are easy to clean on the road.

To talk more about cost, let’s have a look at the global cost of a solution for creative lighting experience.

Why is IVL™ Lighting not a « laser-effect » ?

Everyone has the experience of waving their finger through a candle flame. Even though the flame is hot, the motion of finger reduces the temperature on the skin. The same is true for IVL™’s scanning technology. The IVL™ technology always ensures a constant scanning rate with a special redundant safety system. In this way, the IVL™ technology transforms the laser light source into a new category of lighting with unique shapes, unique textures, unique immersion, and a standard safety.

Indeed, the safe eye exposure distance is always a constant. As for any other lighting fixtures, the only safety precaution is to respect that safe eye exposure distance of a few meters.

This is unlike existing audience scanning (AS) effects whose safety depends upon 5 or 6 adjustable parameters, which must be calculated and tested by AS experts after each effect is programmed or changed.

That’s why, with IVL™ lighting, no need for highly trained ‘laser light show’ safety experts and no need of pre-show safety testing for audience effects at every venue.

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