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USA: IVL Lighting by Minuit Une is arriving, distributed by Inner Circle Distribution

Minuit Une is proud to announce a partnership with Inner Circle Distribution as an exclusive distributor for the USA and the Caribbean.

Inner Circle Distribution and Minuit Une are announcing today a new partnership to offer the IVL™ Lighting by Minuit Une ground-breaking technology to customers, making IVL™ Lighting available through a strong and established network. Inner Circle and Minuit Une demonstrate a shared commitment to offer a new lighting solution, answering the growing expectations of getting more out of lighting.

Minuit Une’s DNA is to design, develop and manufacture new ground-breaking lighting concepts, following the conviction that lighting does make the difference. Lighting is not like any other job. It’s about passionate professional people delivering excellence. This is exactly how we could define Inner Circle Distribution. ICD is a pioneer company in introducing new concepts to the US market.  Since the first meeting, it has become natural and obvious that ICD is the right exclusive distributor to introduce the new category of lighting, IVL™ Lighting.

This partnership supports Minuit Une’s values to offer each user and customer tailor-made support and service, so they can simply focus on what they do best: provide incredible lighting experiences.

«We are delighted to have the opportunity to work with ICD, an experienced team with specialized skills in introducing new concepts and premium fixtures.» says Aurélien Linz, Minuit Une’s CEO.

«We feel a real connection between the DNA of ICD and Minuit Une’s. We strongly believe that our users and customers will feel and recognize this match in the quality of the products, services and support delivered.» says Eric Phelep, Minuit Une’s International Sales Director.

Craig Singer, ICD’s Managing Partner and Director of Marketing, is thrilled about the new partnership. «IVL™ Lighting is the most exciting category of lighting in our industry today, and we’re proud to offer the Minuit Une products to our dealers» Singer says. «They’ve invented the category and will be the leaders for years in bringing IVL™ to shows and nightclubs.»

Noel Duncan, Managing Partner and Director of ICD Sales, is excited to be bringing Minuit Une and IVL™ to lighting designers. «A product like this, that needs no FDA variances, is just what our customers have been waiting for» he enthused. «Such an immersive captivating light fixture, has never been seen in North America and we’re pleased to have another top-of-category product line with exclusive offerings, and I can’t wait to share it with our customers.»

Click the link to download the official Press Release.

Meet us at LDI Las Vegas 2019.

Meet our team and our distributor at LDI Las Vegas 2019 from 22-24 November.
Visit us at Inner Circle Distribution’s booth n°1205.

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